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Hackers and Players

The trends around supporting the idea of play as a way to learn systems co-relates to the increasing acceptance of hacking society.


TV 2.0

With the data now behind us, looking at new ways in which Hollywood could treat online.


Is The 2010 TV seasons online yet?

Is it possible to rent or buy legal streams for the 2010 TV season over a year after it ended?


Streaming held back

Tracking 2010 box office winners to assess the health of the online streaming market.


Legal streams for 2011 TV hits

How many of the top 50 TV shows of 2011 can one stream legally online?


Where the hits are streaming in 2011

A look at streaming availability of the 2011 box office winners.

2011: The year that was

A recap of what I covered in 2011

The Future - next exit

The 2012 Crystal ball

With a new year kicking in, it’s time for a new batch of predictions.

The Future - next exit

2011 Predictions: The scorecard

A review of my 2011 predictions.


No live TV streams: Here’s why?

Why internet TV live streaming has not yet become a reality.