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Bitcoin At Crossroad

With Bitcoins, a new digital currency emerges: can it survive?

The wearable computing conundrum

Smart watches and Google glass are supposed to be the future but they may have a hard time dealing with social convention.

After mobile: smarter TVs

Looking at what comes after mobile. This week, we look at TVs.

We, the people...

You’re a suspect

A free society can exist in a terror-laden world. Here’s what you can do.


Streaming hits – 2012 edition

What can you stream legally in 2013?

The Future - next exit

Predictions for 2013

A lengthy list of predictions in the platform, mobile, TV, and gaming space.


Hurricane Sandy

Some observations from the power-free zone.


From Euro to e-uro

In the Euro failure, a potential chance for an all-digital currency.

New York City Skyline

Silicon Valley vs. New York: Social vs. Algorithms

Living in a city is inherently a social experience. Living in a car-driven society isn’t.

Fight for Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality: You can find for it or you could lose it. A tutorial on how you can help keep the internet open.