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New York City Skyline

11, no 9

9/11 @ 11

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When live broadcast isn’t

US broadcaster fumbles on olympics, teaches lessons.

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Myth: A smooth path

Startup myth: the road from idea to millions is a smooth path.

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The Future - next exit

11 Predictions for 2011

With a new year upon us, it’s time to move to a new set of predictions for what might be coming next.

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Agency is the future of Media

Companies creating content for brands may be the future of media.

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10 Tech Deals that Defined the Decade – Part 2

Concluding our series on the tech deals that defined this first decade of the 21st century, here are my top 5.

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Subsidized vs Directly Purchased Media

There are many way to finance media. Today, most media is subsidized. How could that change?

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Entertainment vs. Information

What is the output of a media firm: is it entertainment or information?
the answer can help us classify media firms.

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The Three Dimensions of Media

Three dimensions dominate today’s media landscape. Realizing what they are will help us save the media.

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Is Ownership Passé?

In this first piece in a series, I look at ownership vs. renting, the result of a number of observations throughout the last few months.

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