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Net VOD in 2012 – old movies

Where does the back-catalog sit for streaming media?

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A nuclear mushroom cloud

Why Apple should acquire Nokia

Making the case for Apple acquiring Nokia.

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iPhone 5 use cases: 2 fingers, no thumbs

The devil is in the details

Software and hardware are both important to Apple’s future. One side is getting shortchanged.

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Beware of blind elitism

How digital elitism could be hurting your business.

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Which company are you: the Refiner

The refiner’s motto: don’t innovate, improve

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2000-2010: How things have changed

Thoughts on the first decade of this century.

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Demographic Shift

Looking at recent events, it appears that we are at the tipping point of a substantial demographic shift in power. In this entry, I highlight my thinking as to why I believe we’re there and some of the potential impacts.

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Building Buzz

Apple has it. Google has it. Microsoft fails at it. Yahoo! sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t. What I am talking about is buzz and coolness. It seems every time Apple or Google introduces a new product, the buzz is high. For example, Apple recently introduced a $350 speaker and, while the reaction was more tepid than it has been for other Apple products, no one seem to point that the emperor was looking very very naked. Yet, Microsoft keeps throwing out new products and few people seem to be very interested (no matter how Scoble tries to browbeat us into thinking of Microsoft as cool). Similarly, today, Google introduced a finance section that mimicked much of what yahoo! finance has been doing for years. It has a couple of nice AJAX-based features but, all and all, it’s not enough of an improvement to be considered like something that could potentially dominate the tech news cycle. And yet, every major tech pub or mainstream publication has covered the release. why? Trying to divine the source of coolness What Google and Apple seem to have understood is that there are ways to make oneself look cool. I’m going to try to lay…

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The Future - next exit

2005 Predictions: Keeping the Score

Time to pull out the scorecard and look at my 2005 predictions

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NPR defining new Podcast strategy

I contacted NPR about some of their shows and adding podcasts to them (the job of an evangelist never stops.) However, when I did, I did not expect I would end up getting something that few others are aware of and maybe even a scoop: NPR is not renewing its contract with Audible and is working on a new strategy relating to podcasting. This is pretty big news. It all started when I emailed them, asking to start podcasting “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”, a very funny quiz show. The time at which the show was broadcast on my local station changed, making it more difficult to catch it. As a result, I decided that I should contact them about podcasting it. After all, the local station has been promoting podcasting heavily and I figured that adding one more show would not hurt. Over the weekend, as I cleaning through the mountain of email I get, I found the following message (emphasis is mine): We appreciate your interest in the podcasting of NPR programming. As you might be aware, in 1999, NPR signed a podcasting agreement with Audible when that company was one of the few exploring ways to make…

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