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Putting Snapchat in context

Was the company right to turn down $3B from Facebook?

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Are NFC payments dead?

9 years and mobile payment technology shows little progress.

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Broadband Monopoly

No more monopolies

Why monopolies may no longer exist in the online space.

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From Euro to e-uro

In the Euro failure, a potential chance for an all-digital currency.

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Who owns your identity?

Do you own your identity online? The answer may surprise you.

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Myth: A smooth path

Startup myth: the road from idea to millions is a smooth path.

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We, the people...

Governance in the age of Wikileaks — Part 3

3 rights to online publishing could increase freedom of expression on the internet.

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Wikileaks tests internet freedom

If Wikileaks doesn’t make you uncomfortable, you probably don’t understand what’s at stake.

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10 Tech Deals that defined the decade – Part 1

What are the 10 technology deals that define the decade between 2000 and 2010. Going in reverse counting order, here are number 10 through 6.

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The Future - next exit

2009 Predictions: Intro

Every year, I try to make some predictions about where the year might go. However, in the past I’ve done so in one single long post. This year, I’m taking a different approach, crafting multiple posts out of my thoughts relating to areas I’m interested in.

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