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iBeacon Opens Door for iWallet

With iBeacon, Apple is quietly rolling out a payment revolution


Cable Not TV

The battle over cable acquisition is about the next big internet providers


RIP Mobile Minutes

Major changes are underway in the mobile space

The wearable computing conundrum

Smart watches and Google glass are supposed to be the future but they may have a hard time dealing with social convention.

The Microsoft logo

The Ballmer Era ends

Steve Ballmer retires. What does his legacy look like?


How much for mobile bandwidth?

How much does 1Gb of wireless data cost in the US?


The Real Price of a Smartphone

How much do iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and others really cost?


Is Google Killing Cable?

If you’re looking to do TV streaming, Google may be your best friend

After Mobile: Your Body Is The Computer

Sensors and interfaces that attach to your body are making YOU the next battleground for tech companies.

After mobile: smarter TVs

Looking at what comes after mobile. This week, we look at TVs.