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Microsoft wins design battle, loses war

Microsoft won the UI wars. Now it has a big problem.

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The Future - next exit

Beyond touch interfaces

Siri and the Kinect are too different interpretations of the future of computing.

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Usability 101: Satisfaction

Today, we continue the Usability 101 series by exploring the concept of satisfaction. I can’t get no… satisfaction As much as we’d like it to, users are not using our software because of love for developers. They are using it to accomplish a task. How satisfied they are with usability of the software package they use is an important consideration that can take them from using your system to using a competitor’s. The basic concept of user satisfaction rests in the fact that users want systems to be intuitive. They want a program to work in the way they think. However, as we learned earlier, users come in different shapes. What satisfies one user may not be what satisfies another one. What is intuitive to a programmer is not necessarily intuitive to an average user. As a result, it is impossible to satisfy all users all the time but it is possible to satisfy most user most of the time. In a way, the satisfaction of a user is directly correlated to the other concepts we have explored throughout this series so far (learnability, efficiency, memorability, and error handling): if a system is easy to learn, can be used efficiently,…

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