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The state of HTML validation

What is the state of HTML5 compliance among large sites?

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Myth: Money showers for startup success

Startup myth: everyone in a successful startup gets rich

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The best time for start-ups — 5 Reasons

The teens will be a great era of successful internet companies creation. Here’s why

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10 Tech Deals that defined the decade – Part 1

What are the 10 technology deals that define the decade between 2000 and 2010. Going in reverse counting order, here are number 10 through 6.

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The Future - next exit

2009 Predictions: Intro

Every year, I try to make some predictions about where the year might go. However, in the past I’ve done so in one single long post. This year, I’m taking a different approach, crafting multiple posts out of my thoughts relating to areas I’m interested in.

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Is Techmeme myopic?

I’m a big fan of TechMeme, a web aggregation service that provides, at a glance, a few of what’s being discussed in the technology-focused part of the blogosphere. It has allowed me to unsubscribe from a large number of RSS feeds that were providing me with redundant information and I’ve long hoped for a version of TechMeme that would provide me with a customized view that providing a similar user interface for my own personal feeds. Recently, though, TechMeme has gotten me thinking about the tech blogosphere conversations as a whole and their longer term relevance. To the small “web 2.0” community, TechMeme serves as a bit of a paper of record; The subhead even claims that it represents the “Tech Web, page A1”, claiming to bring us the important stories. But how do those stories fare over time? Is today’s hot topic a step in understanding a longer term trend or is it just a temporary distraction that will be forgotten a month/3 months/6 months/a year from now. Fortunately, Gabe Rivera, the founder of TechMeme must have anticipated such a question and provided a way to look at TechMeme as it was a particular point in its short history….

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Non-obvious winners and losers in Microsoft Yahoo Deal

The tech community is buzzing at the news that Microsoft has made an unsolicited US$44.6 billion offer to acquire Yahoo and word is that Yahoo is actually considering it very seriously. The potential merger has long been rumored and there are many reasons for which it could actually make a lot of sense for both companies. A question, though, remains as to who the winners and losers are in that deal. Topline, it’s clear that Microsoft and Yahoo benefit from this and clear that it doesn’t benefit Google. But who else? Let’s look at the deal and try to figure it outs Winners OpenID: Only a few days ago, Yahoo announced support for OpenID, a system that allows users to use their yahoo credentials as a way to login to other services. Surprisingly, this was the goal of Microsoft Passport (now knows as Windows Live ID), almost a decade ago. A pairing between Microsoft and Yahoo could represent a major win for OpenID, especially if the partnership extends Yahoo’s commitment to Windows. One could see OpenID being incorporated with Active Directory in the future, leaving any non-openID provider in a lurch. AT&T: Yahoo has a partnership with AT&T for IPTV….

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Personal Relationship Manager

I am a tad obsessive about my address book. While there are several thousand people in it, I tend to believe that I need to make sure that they stay current and I look to my address book as the center of my social network. but it ought to work more like a personal relationship manager. I was recently describing my update process to David Strom, after he had posted an entry on his blog about how poor the contact management system in Gmail was, and I hit upon a realization: A lot of the work that goes into keeping all that information up to date seems to be something that ought to be more suited to some level of automation. Why is it that there is no real linkage between my address book, different email systems, social networks, IM systems, Skype (and other voice over IP solutions) and my mobile phone? Each of those appears to live in a silo, unable to offer me a full view of the people I know. While Plaxo does a good job of synchronizing metadata about people (What I would consider as rank, name, and serial number ie. the basics like physical address,…

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Safari: Apple’s New Platform?

Is Apple building a new multi-device platform with Safari?

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We, the people...

Blogger’s Code of Conduct: a Dissection

Why dictating online conduct is a bad idea.

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